The Dark Legacy of the Beatles


Exactly 52 years ago, February 7, 1964, a Pan Am airplane taxied down the runway of JFK’s airport as an overwhelming crowd of teenage girls screamed as the Beatles prepared to disembark. That day would start a movement that would negatively change our American culture.

Although the Beatles dressed conservatively and had all the polished charm and wit of proper young British gentlemen, it later became evident that they had an evil agenda to fulfill. Before the Beatles came to the U.S., they had already been at the top of the British charts with a number of melodious songs about innocent, adolescent love. Their music was a style of pop and rock that nobody in the U.S. had heard before. It was so catching, it inspired other young British musicians to record songs of the same style.

The Beatles were at the front line of the British Invasion. Other bands and individual singers hailed from England to “conquer” the United States with their music and fame. A generation of young people was influenced by their music. Teenage boys wanted to be them. Girls screamed and

Writing Great Song Titles

Song Titles

Titles are so important when writing songs. The Title is like a great book cover, a great title can capture the listener before he/she has even heard your song and more importantly will help the listener to remember it. It’s the sales pitch for the entire song.

Purposes Of A Song Title

Song titles have to deliver a number of important factors. For example it is good if they can possess some of these qualities:


Evoke Emotions

Evoke Imagery

Be Of Interest

Be Memorable

Make The Reader / Listener Curious

Convey Something Original

Convey Something Universal That Everyone Can Relate To

Tease The Reader / Listener – Not Reveal Everything

Be Imaginative

Use A Small Number Of Words – 5 or less

Contain Or Reflect The Main Lyrical Hook (Importance Depends On Music Genre And Perspective)

1. Noun and Adjective Lists

Write down long lists of nouns and adjectives. Blend words from these lists to create pairs of words. In addition, also blend words within the same lists to get verb-verb and noun-noun word pairs. Select the ones you like and develop those word pairs or use those word pairs to create new word pairs based giving

Writing Melody



The melody or tune of a song is what most people hear when listening to music, the chords, drums, bass are very important in supporting the melody but the average person hears the tune. The best melodies are simple, easy to remember and easy to sing along with. However the goal of good melody writing is to make the tune simple but not boring or run of the mill. We will discuss how to write a melody, explain a bit of music theory

(I promise not too much!) behind constructing a tune and how to fit lyrics to melody.

The most common question I receive from ‘non-‘musicians’ is what do you write first, music or words? I like to do both and I would recommend you try both ways. If I’m writing with a collaborator who writes lyrics I would always write the tune to fit the lyrics. Sometimes if you have a chord sequence composing lyrics and melody at the same time is a good way to go. Even a combination of the two will work, remember there’s no hard rules to this. The

Mighty Mighty And The Ten Best Twee Songs Ever!

Those of us who spent our adolescent years poring over coffee stained copies of The Catcher In The Rye or Tess of the d’Ubervilles whilst bitterly rueing the fact that not a single girl in our school, college or workplace had the good sense to notice the painfully shy bookworm sitting tongue tied beside them, often took refuge in a particular form of popular music. Spurned and tormented, we squandered our teenage years in the self-imposed exile of our back bedrooms, consoling ourselves there by listening to a flutter of indie bands that had somehow cornered the market in self-pitying heartbreak and juvenile angst. We took a perverse pleasure in the confessions of these kindred spirits, as they meekly extolled the trials and tribulations of loveless lives that mirrored our own lachrymose existence.

The Smiths, in this respect, were beyond comparison, and in Morrissey they possessed a songwriter without equal in the miserablist pop pantheon. There were other bands, though, that had plenty to say on the subject of unrequited love. A whole genre of indie-pop, whether you call it twee, shambling or C-86, after the NME’s legendary mix-tape, was absolutely mired in it. Whilst bands like The Wedding

Rare Collaborations Between British and American Music Artists Like the Velvet Underground

Just around fifty years ago, Andy Warhol abandoned the canvas, the screen, and the other artistic pursuits that had consumed him all of his life. Instead, he turned toward vinyl, where he oversaw the band called Velvet Underground. The group immediately began recording its first album in 1966, even though it would not be officially released until March of the following year.

Several facts about the debut album called The Velvet Underground and Nico have given it iconic status in the rock world. For one, Warhol himself designed the banana centered album cover, an art work typical of the artist famous for portraits of Campbell’s Soup cans.

More important, the album spawned several songs that have endured fir half of a century. “Heroin” and “Waiting for the Man” are two of the most well-known of the tracks.

Perhaps the most unappreciated characteristic of the album is the fact that it was completed by a band comprised of both American and British members. Most groups at that time featured all American members or all British members, a homogenous trend that is still the norm in the music business.

The Velvet Underground was founded by Brooklyn born guitarist Lou Reed and Welsh multi-instrumentalist John

A Quick Overlook of Bands – Your Cheatsheet

How to Find a Good Wedding Band Your wedding day will be a day that you will always remember, but if you are wanting your guests to remember it, then you will need to add a couple things. Live music can bring excitement like nothing else can. Young couples are now discovering that live wedding bands will add a lot of excitement and make your special day a once in a lifetime event. You should know before you go into this endeavor that booking a wedding band is not as easy as it may appear. You cannot hire just any band in your community and expect to have great results. We all know that wedding receptions where guests sit in their seats all night can get very boring. When this happens people tend to stick around long enough to eat and will then head for the exit the first chance they get. If you don’t want this to happen at your receptions then you should hire a live wedding band to liven up the crowd and getting everybody in the mood for a good time. Booking a good wedding band is not as easy as booking a

If You Think You Get Professionals, Then This Might Change Your Mind

A Guide to Choosing the Right Pest Control Company

If you’re dealing with pest infestation in your property, you need to choose a professional pest control company to eliminate the pests. Many people try and eliminate pests using traditional methods only to be disappointed with the little or no results achieved. Although some methods may work for you, in most cases you will end dealing with returning pests or little progress in pest management. It’s important to hire established pest management professionals who use reliable and effective pest elimination techniques that are not only effective but also safe. Follow the guidelines below to choose the best pest elimination experts.

Evaluate the qualifications of the company and check if they are licensed. It’s important that the company has a qualified team of trained pest experts who are certified to handle small and large pest infestations in homes, business premises and other properties. You should also go for experienced and reputable pest companies that are fully licensed and insured, with active membership in recognized pest management associations in the state and nationwide. Companies that maintain an active role in professional associations stay up-to-date with the industry developments

Early Bird Entries Are Now Being Accepted for the 2016 Vega Digital Awards

30 August, International — International Awards Associates Inc (IAA) announced its new awards competition. The 2016 Vega Digital Awards will highlight the top digital design projects and advertising campaigns from around the world, producing valuable, global-scale exposure for talented, up and coming professionals, students, and agencies.

Until the final entry deadline of November 18, all are invited to nominate projects in any of the more than 200 Vega categories, with digital creations ranging from personal websites to mobile productivity apps and viral marketing campaigns being eligible for judging and prizes. Every entry will be evaluated by a panel of qualified judges within 30 days after the submission deadline, with winners being featured prominently on the Vega website and otherwise showcased for the world to see.

Current students may enter the competition free of regular charges, needing only to pay a small administrative fee, while professionals and agencies will enjoy an early-bird discount of $10 off the regular entry price until September 12. Easy to enter and designed to deliver the greatest possible exposure to those who participate, the 2016 Vega marketing, social media, video, and Website Awards will inaugurate what is set to become a long-running, highly respected tradition.

“There are millions of

Lessons Learned About Landscapers

Why a Reputable Landscaper is Best for the Job

Professional landscapers are the ones that have the duty in increasing the value of your property through using innovative styles and techniques and will also help to enhance your garden towards something that you will surely enjoy. These professionals are mostly the ones who will complete the responsibility to beautifying your landscape and to help it become more appealing.

The basic task to which professional landscapers have would include weeding on your garden beds, adding or replacing plants in your garden, mowing, watering and many more.

When searching for an ideal landscaper, you should take note that you should find a professional that will be able to set maintenance schedules so you could visit your home regularly and look after your lawn. Make sure to also check on the history of the employee that you plan on hiring. You likewise must try to know the different kinds of services that were accomplished before and try to also know about their specialties.
If You Read One Article About Options, Read This One

In the article below, you will be able to learn on some helpful tops

If You Think You Get Foods, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Picking Out A Great Restaurant

You can get bored of going to the same restaurants if you don’t have other new options. It might be time to search for other options on where to eat out. There are always different restaurants out there. This is a good thing especially if you are starting to get bored of going to the same places. Here’s what you can do to find a great alternative restaurant.

One of the first things you should do is to inquire from your friends and family about which restaurants they would recommend. Even though they don’t live in the same town as you, it is good to still get their opinions. Some restaurants could be worth the travel even if they are found in the next town. Find restaurants that will have good service and atmosphere apart from great food. You can ask your family and friends for advice on which food to order and stay away from.

Look for deals from new restaurants. If you check out the newspapers or browse through the television, you may fight restaurants that advertise their specials. This will allow you to have more options when it